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The Arco Norte

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The Arco Norte Empty The Arco Norte

Post by CheenaGringo on Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:24 pm

The Dawg has touted the benefits of this relatively new cuota that allows one to bypass the horrors of driving in Mexico City while trying to reach or return from Southern Mexico. This cuota is approximately 180 miles long and loops around Mexico City Between Atlacomulco in the State of Mexico to Texmelucan in the State of Puebla:
[img]The Arco Norte Arco_n10[/img]

The suggested speed limit is 110kmph but you will be passed repeatedly if you insist on driving at that speed. I found it easy to roll at about 90mph but will warn that we saw plenty of Federales on a Sunday heading south but very few when headed north on a Monday. Overall, I found the road conditions to be superior and they seemed to be working on a few sections which needed attention. One picks up a cuota card when they first get on and pay when you get off. The full length has a toll of $356MXN. Services are very limited in that one must generally exit for gas or eats. Since we were driving it in August, everything was amazingly green and we enjoyed the drive at altitudes up to 8894'.

We drove it north on August 20th and I ran the "dash cam" for various segments:

The very end of the video includes driving on Hwy 15D to Morelia.

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