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Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area

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Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area Empty Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area

Post by johninajijic on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:32 am

Five bodies found in "narco-graves" in Jalisco
The bodies were found after the arrest of five persons supposedly linked to the Millennium Cartel. Among the detained is the deputy police chief of Chapala.

GUADALAJARA | Wednesday November 17, 2010 Ulises Zamarroni | El Universal 12:15

This morning five bodies were found in clandestine graves on the Lake Chapala shoreline.

Agents of the Jalisco State Attorney General's Office (PGEJ) reported that the discovery of the "narco-graves" resulted from the arrest of five subjects, among them the deputy municipal police chief of Chapala, Felipe Gómez Romero.

Yesterday state police arrested the police supervisor and four other men, who apparently are linked to the Millennium Cartel.

As a result of the arrestees' confessions, state police investigators and experts from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Science began the search for bodies.

Three bodies were found on a lot near the Chapala-Jocotepec highway. First found were the bodies of two women whose identities have not been revealed, but police investigators have unofficially advised that both were abducted in late September at the junction of the Peripheral Road and Mariano Otero in the southern metro area of Guadalajara. A few meters from the first find another grave was discovered that contained the body of a man yet to be identified.

Meantime, two other bodies were found buried on a lot near the village of Ajijic.

At this time civil defense and fire department personnel are assisting the experts in the recovery of the human remains.

Deputy police chief of Chapala was a member of a criminal cell, is arrested
November 17, 2010

The arrest Tuesday night of a subject that was shooting in the air in the streets of Chapala led to the breakup of a band of murderers of which the deputy chief of police of this Jalisco municipality was an active member, and the discovery of a clandestine grave in which were found the bodies of two persons. A second excavation is being sought in which there may be two other bodies.

On Tuesday night Chapala municipal police officers detained a Michoacán resident, Jerónimo Luna Berrios, who was traveling in a Ford Fusion and had attracted the attention of authorities by shooting in the air with a 9mm pistol.

At the municipal police offices Gómez Romero asked for the detainee to be left with him but once he was alone with him he loosened the handcuffs in order to allow him to escape, investigation has revealed.

In an attempt at a cover-up, the deputy chief shot at Luna Berrios at the moment of the escape, but obviously without hitting him.

Chapala police officers themselves then arrested their boss due to suspicions that he was implicated, and minutes later they rearrested Luna Berrios, who wound up confessing to the existence of a criminal network that had already cost the lives of at least four persons.

This caused the interrogation of the Michoacán resident to intensify, and he gave details of a location in the village of Ajijic--an area near Lake Chapala characterized by the presence of foreigners--where four bodies were buried.

Authorities accompanied by experts from the Forensic Medical Service traveled to that place where they discovered two bodies in one grave and began the search for a second clandestine grave where, according to Luna Berrios, there might be two more bodies.

The municipal official is in the custody of the Public Prosecutor, before whom he will have to explain his participation in this criminal group.

Just this past Thursday presumed Millennium Cartel members arrested by the State Police confessed that the Chapala police were protecting them.
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Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area Empty Re: Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area

Post by CanuckBob on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:01 am

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Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area Empty Re: Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area

Post by bobnliz on Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:50 pm

Thanks, Bobby ~ They filled in all the gaps nicely. Lizzy
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Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area Empty Re: Bodies Found in the Lake Chapala Area

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