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TelMex OMG

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TelMex OMG Empty TelMex OMG

Post by ComputerGuy on Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:57 pm

Yesterday I returned a duff modem to TelMex, and got a surprisingly short wait. Got home and discovered that the refurb (which actually worked fine) was a b/g type, with no "n" capability.

Returned today with book in hand to swap the unit, prepared to pay the price for my 10-minute short stint yesterday... and a young lad at a new desk near the door asked if he could help. He took my modem, gave me a new one of the right type, and wished me a nice day. Didn't even want my phone number.

Will wonders never cease. Yesterday when I askee one of the desk guys how many modem returns they get (they all had piles of them at their desks), he said the rainy season is nuts for that, so they must have added this extra desk just for that. I'm impressed.
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