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Telcel Internet En Casa

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Telcel Internet En Casa Empty Telcel Internet En Casa

Post by Plan B on Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:04 am

1) Has anyone had any luck in increasing signal strength by use of the external antenna added to the Huawei B310 modem?

Telcel Internet En Casa Huawei-b310-4g-lte-3g-modem-router-150mbps-b593-b315-b3000-b618-yes-4g-andrew83-1804-02-anDREw83@14
Telcel Internet En Casa 41w5FZH8WBL._SL1024_

2) When you obtained the Telcel modem did you get INTERNET TELCEL page for modem changes?

Plan B
Plan B
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Telcel Internet En Casa Empty Re: Telcel Internet En Casa

Post by TooMuchCoffee on Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:22 pm

There are many YouTube videos about adding an antenna to this modem.  A good one is

One of the comments refers to an antenna supplier which has top end antennas like

Also look on YouTube for videos related to using internet in an RV.

Finally, a 3 dbi gain on an antenna represents a doubling of signal strength. I've been told you need at least "3 bars" for a good 4G connection. 3G connections are technically too slow.

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