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Email surprise

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Email surprise Empty Email surprise

Post by Daddio on Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:09 pm

A man named Frank Fonda returning from business trip to Denver decided to surprise his wife for their anniversary with a weekend trip to Florida for a romantic getaway one winter.
He arrived a day early, and there was a computer at the hotel, so he sent an email to his wife, unfortunately, he misspelled her email address.

later that day, a Mrs Frank Fando, was rushed to the hospital after she was found passed-out next to her computer. The woman had been to her husband's funeral earlier. He was a minister. A neighbor came to feed the cats, when she found that Mrs Fando had an email on her computer screen that read:
" To my loving wife,

My trip was fine, and the flowers were beautiful. It is amazing down here, they have everything. I can't wait until your arrival tomorrow. Don't forget to have the neighbor feed the cats. And my goodness, it is so hot down here! I miss you so.

Love Frank"

Evil or Very Mad

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