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Legal Services Offering and web site update

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Legal Services Offering and web site update Empty Legal Services Offering and web site update

Post by Intercasa on Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:14 am

I am finally updating my web site, comments appreciated on my list of legal services

Legal Services

Family Law - Divorce, support and custody matters.  Correction of errors on birth certificates.  Conservatorships and guardianships.  

Probate - We can advise you on estate planning techniques to avoid probate and save time and money as well as with probate in the court system whether or not the deceased left a will.  Inheritance rights for surviving spouses in same sex marriages.

Real Estate Law - We perform due diligence prior to your tendering a deposit to the seller and can check tax office records, the public property registry and other places to find hidden debts or problems.  If there is a problem with the property purchased then we can help with claims against the seller after closing.  We also can handle disputes with neighbors and related issues of encroachment and landlord tenant disputes.

Contracts - Preparation and Review for rentals and purchases of real property as well as for construction and other matters.  

Collection - Collection of monies owed to condominiums and on promissory notes as well as for professional services rendered.

Labor Law - Preparation of termination contracts and calculation of severance pay.

Criminal Law - Defense and prosecution of minor criminal matters such as car accidents, fraud and similar matters.  Representation of victims and defendants.  Our attorneys have undergone and are currently doing training for the upcoming implementation of oral trials in Jalisco.  

Municipal Law - Help with new / renewal / transfer of municipal business licenses, representation at municipal hearings and litigation in the State and Federal Administrative Tribunals for denial of permits and licenses, business closures as well as any other matter.  Contestation of fines and penalties.  

Administrative Law - Representation (prosecution and defense) with Federal and State governmental administrative agencies such as IFAI, PROFECO, CONDUSEF, CONAMED, CONAGUA, Movilidad, Jalisco State Finance Secretary, IMSS, SAT, Aduana, etc.   Contestation of fines and penalties.  

Corporate / Condominium / Trust - We can help set up your legal entity as well as maintain it and help you keep proper records of transactions, required meetings, amendments of bylaws and regulations as well as all types of transactions and their subsequent notifications and registrations with the federal, state and tax authorities.  We handle trusts (fideicomisos), condominiums, Sociedades Civiles (S.C.), Asociaciones Civiles (A.C.), fraccionamientos, LLCs (S de R.L.), Joint Ventures (Asociación en Participación), Corporations (S.A. de C.V.), FIBRAs, SIBRAs, SAPIs, SOFOLEs, SOFOMES, among other legal entities.

If the matter needs to be litigated we can handle it in the Business or Civil Courts (Juzgado del Distrito / Juzgado Mercantil o Civil) or the Federal District Court.

Immigration - We help you to be able to live in Mexico.  We are experts in Mexican visas and all facets of immigration law.  
Official Translations of Bank Statements and Birth / Marriage Certificates
Obtaining US Birth or Marriage certificates and / or apostilles
Representation at immigration hearings
Renewal of Residente Temporal visas from 1 to 3 year terms
Changing from residente temporal to residente permanente
Change from tourist visa to temporary for people with Mexican spouses or children without need to leave Mexico
Finalization of visas obtained at Mexican consulates (temporal and permanente)
Notifications of change of employment / address / marital status (Remember you have 90 days)
Work permission, new and renewal
Immigration Appeals (Recurso de revisión y amparo)
Student visas
Dual nationality / Mexican citizenship
Travel Permission to Leave / Enter Mexico while papers in process
Registering your new immigration document with Aduana to extend your temporary vehicle import permit (law gives you only 15 days)

We also do US Tourist Visas for Mexican nationals or people who are residents in Mexico who wish to travel to the US as tourists.  For American Citizens we can help with their passport renewal application as well as making an appointment at the consulate.

Extraordinary Constitutional Writs (Amparo)- We can help with extraordinary writs know as "Amparo".  These can be used when the government violates your rights such as detains you or takes your property without following proper procedures.  These are also used to an appeal an unfavorable decision of a court or administrative agency or to address violations during the litigation process that if left would cause irreparable harm.  

We can get court records as well as help out your attorneys if they do not have a permanent base in Guadalajara or Chapala to keep an eye on your court file and provide you with information whenever there is movement.  

International Law - We help with matters of law between Mexico and other countries.  We can help your attorney outside Mexico with matters relating to issues inside Mexico and the gathering of evidence and its authentication for use at trial as well as depositions and helping with letters rogatory (carta rogatoria) as well as registration of foreign judgments and their collection inside Mexico.  

Document Services - We can help you get birth / marriage / death certificates as well as apostilles from any state in the US as well as copies of court judgments.  

Tax Law - We help set people up with the State and Federal tax authorities to pay their taxes and be in compliance.   We also assist with changes and notifications to avoid fines and penalties.  In the event the tax authorities overstep their boundaries we can contest the matter in the Federal Tax Court or State Administrative Tribunal.

We are Real Attorneys and Translators- We (6 of our people in the firm) are real licensed attorneys and not interns (pasantes) and have our professional licenses (cédulas) registered with the courts.  As such we have no restrictions on our ability to practice and represent you.  
You may check that an attorney has their federal professional cédula here
The Jalisco State site here

We (2 of us) also are Official Translators (Perito Traductor) with approvals of the Municipality of Guadalajara and the Jalisco State Judicial Council.  We are also authorized to participate in judicial mediation with the Institute of Alternative Justice of the State of Jalisco.

The 2014 Jalisco State Judicial Council list can be checked here

Beware of people who want to charge you money but who are not legally allowed to practice or who have restrictions.

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Legal Services Offering and web site update Empty Re: Legal Services Offering and web site update

Post by Mexbaa on Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:26 am

Really, really impressive!

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Legal Services Offering and web site update Empty Re: Legal Services Offering and web site update

Post by CanuckBob on Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:26 am

You have built yourself quite the reputable business Spencer.

It's nice to see when someone's hard work pays off.
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Legal Services Offering and web site update Empty Re: Legal Services Offering and web site update

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