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PANINO Restaurant Review

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PANINO Restaurant Review Empty PANINO Restaurant Review

Post by johninajijic on Sat Jun 15, 2013 11:16 am

Yesterday we had lunch at PANINO restaurant.  The place was packed at 1:00 PM. We had lunch with friends. Two ordered Beef Stroganoff, I don't know if anything came with it.  Two people ordered Scallops with coleslaw and a small salad on the plate.  They came with Tartar sauce.  I ordered Shrimp Louie, which is small shrimp on a bed of lettuce, with tomaoes, cucumbers, avocado and hard boiled eggs. It comes with Ranch dressing on the side.
It has been awhile since I was at Panino, so I was surprised to see the prices, mostly on Shrimp Louie at 115 pesos. Panino is still one of the best restaurants at Lakeside and we highly recommend it.
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