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Travel info for Oaxaca & Puebla

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Travel info for Oaxaca & Puebla Empty Travel info for Oaxaca & Puebla

Post by CheenaGringo on Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:11 pm

During our visits to both Oaxaca and Puebla, we expended some extra effort rounding up printed information on both areas. Since returning home, I have tried to find the same info published on the Internet without success. I have been experimenting with scanning this information for others to use in both PDF and JPEG formats. When I do scan/save a JPEG in very high resolution so that one can zoom in and see the detail for a certain area, it presents problems in posting as a photo on here. If it is a JPEG image, I can upload to Picasa where you can print or zoom into a given section as follows:
[/b]The above map is a perfect example since if you follow the 'key"on the right side, you will find a decent guide for what various towns and villages are known for.[b]
I can also scan in very high resolution PDF's but cannot attach to a post since the forum has a .977Mb file size limitation and if I comply with the size limit, one cannot zoom in to read the detail.

I am going to keep playing with various documents and various ideas but please feel free to PM me with any requests for info that I might be able to provide.

I find it quite interesting that Michoacan makes it quite easy to find detailed info on various towns & villages, while Oaxaca with a greater developed tourist trade doesn't. Being of a somewhat suspicious mind, I wonder if the tour operators have a hand in this?

I will be posting more info as I get pertinent info scanned.

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