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sounds like women crying in the night

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sounds like women crying in the night Empty sounds like women crying in the night

Post by funnygirl on Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:21 pm

peacocks sound like women crying in the night...just in case you wanted to know...the "zoo" down the street has a couple :) So my cousin writes me that it sounds like a poem...sparked a little of my 5 minute creative side: The humble villager is my son & he actually said they looked like large quail but it didn't fit. My cousin then wrote, "you know what they call pigeons in over populated cities? Rats with legs, I don't think the peacocks would appreciate that. They're snooty birds and proud." haha

Women crying in the night
You can hear their voice but can't see their faces
Their voices lurk in the hills as their wailing resonates through the trees.
"Who's out there?" you wonder, as you lay on your bed.
Are there strangers behind the bushes?

In the morning when you wake from your slumber.
Talk amongst the villagers of the women crying in the night.
Who are they? What is their purpose?
A humble villager breaks the silence to declare his discovery!
I saw them! I saw them in the street.
They looked like large pigeons he declared but they did not make a peep.

For the women crying in the night only raise their voices after dusk.
Help! Help! they cry, but no one ever responds.

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