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More Investigative information "BOARD CERTIFIED" physicians and/or Dentists.

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 More Investigative information "BOARD CERTIFIED" physicians and/or Dentists. Empty More Investigative information "BOARD CERTIFIED" physicians and/or Dentists.

Post by Problem Child on Mon May 06, 2019 6:11 pm

Spent about a hour at CAMAJAL in Guadalajara today. Spoke with one of the intake persons.

CAMAJAL is a (required) arbitration forum that is a prerequisit to filing a civil action. It is used almost exclusively for health care professional (HCP) disputes.

During my conversation, I confirmed some things I knew and got some information I did not know or suspect.

First, I asked if there is any "Board" or other official body that tests or certified physicians in Jalisco. No. It was confirmed that the CITA (I thin that's it) simply shows that the HC P has received and registered that he/she has graduated school and received a diploma. This is as I pretty much knew.

Next I asked about if there was any governmental body/organization that disciplined a HCP in the event of "misconduct" or gross negligence in the performance of his/her practice. No. I got more specific and asked as a very extreme example, what if a doctor is drunk, operated on a patient and cuts off the wrong leg. Can his/her ability to practice his/her profession be stopped. "Possibly." It was explained that a court can make an order (injunction) against a person who, while having completed the requisite training, is unable to competently practice his/her profession and is putting his/her patients at risk. This is an application of general laws against doing any act, intentionally or negligently, that is likely to or does cause physical pain and suffering to the patient.

In other words, our drunk doctor can be enjoined from continuing practice. Where does it go from there? No idea.

The takeaways from this post are 1) It appears to be false, misleading and deceptive to say an HCP is "BOARD CERTIFIED." AND 2) While there is civil recourse against a negligent HCP, it is most likely that realistically, there is little that can be done to stop the incompetent (for whatever reason) from continuing practice on unsuspecting patients.

NEXT UP: What about malpractice insurance for HCPs?

Problem Child
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