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Temazcal - Ancient Mexican Ritual....

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Temazcal - Ancient Mexican Ritual....  Empty Temazcal - Ancient Mexican Ritual....

Post by Marrell on Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:44 am

LCS Prueba México Program

Temazcal: Ancient Mexican ritual. (Purifying Spirit).

Instructor: Ricardo Yohualoceloth & Cesar Mata
Course Fee: $650 MXN
Course Dates: Aug 31, 2018
Course Time: Wednesday, 2:00 -6:30 pm
Course Location: Tlatonal Community (Nearby Ixtlahuacan)
Min/Max Students required: 10/12
Enrollment begins Jun 28 from 10:00 to 14:00 at de LCS Office
Enrollment ends Aug 24.

Description: According to Ricardo Navarro, leader of the community Tlatonal, the temazcal is an alternative for purification in different ways. In the past, people were born, prepared and healed in a temazcal.
At present, this ritual has different contexts. Usually, it is a way of entering into introspection, different from psychiatry and psychology. Besides entering the psyche, it makes people touch their skin, touch their interior and express their thoughts in a single excursion, that is, they unite body, mind and spirit to transmute some physical circumstance or discomfort, or to transmute some psychological circumstance that is spinning in your head. And why does it transmute it? Because steam, heat and isolation cause you to enter a different way of thinking and act accordingly when you go back to the outside world. It is an encounter with Mother Earth.
The temazcal is a ritual of Pre-Hispanic Mexico that consists of a steam "bath" with aromatic herbs and songs.

The price includes round trip transportation. It is necessary that to participate men wear only shorts or swimsuit and women a long skirt and a blouse (all natural fibers). In the Tlatonal Community there will be a place to change clothes. At the end of the ritual, we will be served a naturist dish.

Please Note:
• The fee to participate in each Prueba México Program is payable in cash at the LCS office, or on-line via credit card, or PayPal. On-line payments are subject to a 7% surcharge to cover processing and foreign exchange fees.
• All Prueba México Program courses are limited to Lake Chapala Society Members only. If you are not an LCS Member, you will be assessed a one Month Membership fee ($250 MXN), in addition to the course enrollment fee.
• Your LCS Membership must be active on the date of the course presentation. If your membership will expire before the selected course date, it must be renewed to attend the course.
• The LCS Office should be notified at least 5 days before the course begins if a cancellation is needed. There is no refund.
• A waiting list will be created for each course where member interest exceeds the maximum enrollment.

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