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Raquet Club sanctioned by Itei Council

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Raquet Club sanctioned by Itei Council Empty Raquet Club sanctioned by Itei Council

Post by cerebrozo on Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:35 am

Can anyone shed more light on this recent news report? I'm trying to learn more about how neighborhoods are operated here.
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7 June 2018 - Reforma Newspaper (México City)
Amonesta Itei a particular opaco.
El Instituto de Transparencia, Información Pública y Protección de Datos (Itei) aprobó amonestar . . . Rodrigo Armando Estrada Núñez, presidente de la Asociación Civil Fraccionamiento San Juan Cosalá Raquet Club.

My paraphrasing: The Institute of Transparency, Public Information and Data Protection (Itei) approved the admonishment of . . . Rodrigo Armando Estrada Núñez, president of the San Juan Cosalá Raquet Club Civil Association. Núñez failed to provide data on the concession of public services granted by the municipality (of Jocotepec) to be implemented in the streets (?) of the neighborhood. Núñez will have 10 working days to deliver the information that was required. After this he could face a fine that ranges between 11,300 and 113,000 pesos in addition to administrative arrest.

Here's the complete article (in Spanish):
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Raquet Club sanctioned by Itei Council Empty Re: Raquet Club sanctioned by Itei Council

Post by cypress on Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:12 pm

I wonder what that is all about.

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