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Rebasing denture

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Rebasing  denture Empty Rebasing denture

Post by wilsonjohn on Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:26 am

Rebasing a denture (0ften called jumping the denture, or a jump case) is similar to a reline except the denture comes back not only relined, but with ALL the pink plastic above replaced. The only parts of the old denture that remain after a rebase are the teeth.
A rebase is often done when the denture has multiple cracks or repairs and does not fit well, but the teeth themselves are still in good condition and fit correctly with the teeth in the opposite arch. You don't get a new denture with a rebase, since a new denture would be built to replace lost facial dimension, but you will end up with a revitalized old denture.Rebases are done the same way that relines are done. The dentist takes an impression inside the old denture, and sends it to the lab. One difference, however, is that jump cases generally take two days in-lab rather than the same day service you can expect with a reline.

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