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Fishing Report - Lake Chapala - 17 Jan

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Fishing Report - Lake Chapala - 17 Jan Empty Fishing Report - Lake Chapala - 17 Jan

Post by Cincy on Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:59 pm

Just a quick report to keep this fishing board alive...

Fishing last night 6 - 10pm:

Beautiful calm lake which is ideal for my float fishing technique down on the malecon.
24 tilapia of various sizes
6 carp all very small
1 small popoche chub
40+ charales which get their heads stuck in my keepnet.  If that keepnet stayed in the water all night I would probably have a couple of pounds of charales.  The nylon netting appears to be the perfect size gill net!

All the fish were caught on Walmart canned sweet corn which was also used for chumming.  This was the first time I had fished into the evening and I was hoping the tilapia would be unable to feed once it went dark.  Although the tilapia did slowed down, I still caught a few after dark.  All the carp were caught in the dark; their acute smell and 2 barbels are adapted to scavenge the bottom for food particles.  I shone a light out onto the water to illuminate my float so bites were easy to see.  I've thought about trying that pozole corn I've seen for sale in bags in Walmart.  It will probably need a little sweetening...

Around 9:30pm some other fishermen arrive but they where after the charales.  They said sometimes they can catch a bucketful.

Tight lines!

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