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More scam calls from 52-333-499-3677

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More scam calls from 52-333-499-3677  Empty More scam calls from 52-333-499-3677

Post by Vandre on Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:12 pm

Except in this case it was directed at my U.S. relatives re: me in MX.  Last night my daughter received a call from that # saying I  owed him 2 months rent in Chapala.  She must have asked why I would be renting in Chapala when I own a house in Ajijic.  He said I had rented out my house to "Bill" and then rented his (John's) place in Chapala for myself, but I had gone off to PV and owed him $700 and if it wasn't paid, he was going to throw out all my stuff.  It was all very convoluted and she said he sounded drunk or drugged out. After the first phone call, she changed to texting  When he first called her #, he asked for my brother or sister-in-law who live 2500miles from her.  He knew everybody's name but obviously had gotten confused with the tele #'s.  All 3 of us have different last names, so how these scammers are connecting the dots has me completely baffled.  We don't use facebook, which would make it fairly simple with a "little concentration", to figure out who's who, so that is not their source of info.  How do they get this info???
Anyway all is well, no $$ changed hands, # is blocked and everybody is on alert now.  I know this scam is old news but, didn't remember reading that relatives in other countries were being contacted.  I understood it to be targeted at the expats here in MX and referencing their relatives who were visiting MX or neighbors, having gotten themselves in a bind and needing $$.  So a heads up for your relatives in other countries, might be in order

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More scam calls from 52-333-499-3677  Empty Re: More scam calls from 52-333-499-3677

Post by Cincy on Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:30 pm

I had a call from the same number a while ago. Guy sounded like someone from Northern Kentucky. He knew my name but nothing else and was prying for info about my friends and family by asking, "Don't you recognize who's calling?". I guess I was supposed to reel off names for him. This has been going on around here for months. Be careful what you say. Even these web boards can provide him with little snippets of info.

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