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Warning! Latest phone scam

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Warning! Latest phone scam Empty Warning! Latest phone scam

Post by Dr. Sam Thelin on Sun Jul 10, 2016 3:02 pm

I would also post it on "the other board", but since "Local crime reporting is not permitted..." I guess they support crime.
This is about a specific person in this area doing some convincing phone scams.

The person has access to landline numbers and the names associated with them. However, not likely from the printed Telmex directory because some numbers are too recent to have been printed in the book they give customers. I also considered the Lake Chapala Society directory as a source, but also too much lag time (some numbers are too new).

The person researches the proposed victim to know about people they know. I first suspected Facebook as a source of information, but not all victims have Facebook. However, all victims’ names do come up on a web search using Google.

The person knows the geographical area here.

The person has habitually used the story that he has had an accident and has some problem with his insurance, and needs money put in an account by paying through Oxxo. Stories could change.

He appears to speak English as a first language, but could be a Mexican that grew up in the US. His voice sounds young (likely under 30), does not use perfect grammar (may be an act, or their real way of speaking), and uses a “southern/country” accent.

The person has been calling from 33 area-coded (local) cell phones (33 1073 4717, 33 2250 6756, and others).

He asks for Oxxo to Oxxo money transfers, asking you to put money an Oxxo-Santander cards (such as 5579 1001 5269 4103) and a Bancomer account (could have been another Oxxo card?). The cards and numbers will change, but he seems to like using Oxxo as the way to have you pay.

In my case: received a call to work landline. Uncle coming to visit me. “Which uncle would be crazy enough to visit me here?” He was fishing, but he got the name of an uncle from me. He then asked for my cell number for when he arrived (which I gave him). I said I knew nothing about a visit. He stated that he left a voice message on my other number (it was my home number I never use for calls, and no voice mail setup… also no message was left). He sent an sms text (just regular text message) saying he was on the way to Chapala (odd that my 84 year-old uncle was driving here, knew the way to get here, and had bought a local cell phone, but it could happen). He said the traffic was bad. Next text, “I am telling you might be late with my bad luck I got myself into a fender bender – won´t lie to you sam its my fault I just hope you know a man by the name david a****”, (the person whose car he supposedly just hit, and maybe his last scam victim) then comes the need for money, etc, etc. He then calls (I have his voice recorded if anyone wants to hear him). I give him a “confirmation” number, but never send money. He then sends a message via WhatsApp (him using a different cell number) angry that we did not send the money (we offered to take it personally to him, he declined). End of story??? No.

A few days later, a friend sends me an e-mail asking if I called (I had not). Someone had called her, saying the he was Dr. Sam (me), and gave a similar story about accident, no insurance, etc. He asked how her husband was (knew his actual name) and built confidence. Unfortunately, she paid, and is out $4000mxn.

This is a current scam. Advise, “offer” (but do not actually do it) to take the cash personally to the person. When they decline and insist on Oxxo or other “anonymous” ways of paying and receiving, you have just verified that it is a scam.

Dr. Sam Thelin
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