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Speakers wanted. Share your passion or expertise.

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Speakers wanted.  Share your passion or expertise. Empty Speakers wanted. Share your passion or expertise.

Post by TrueBrit on Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:48 pm

Every year at LCS we hold the Neill James Lecture Series. Despite its rather formal name, the series is basically talks given by any one of us who would like to share something with the lakeside community. They will happen on a Tuesday afternoon for an hour starting in December (LCS Sala 2pm).
If you would like to participate, contact me here or PM. If you think you might want to participate we could help with a presentation and hand-hold all the way. It is a very friendly atmosphere, not at all intimidating, and could be a great way to start out with that special something you have always wanted to share.
The only topics that we can't accept (partly due to LCS policy) are topics where you might be selling something, political or religious proselytizing, or personal life stories. LCS has reaffirmed its mission to keep us all mentally active and challenge us with a bit of learning - if you think your topic would not be out of place in a TED talk, then it could be just right for the series.
I know there is a lot of hidden expertise lakeside, please share it with your friends.

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