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An appeal for little Rosario

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An appeal for little Rosario Empty An appeal for little Rosario

Post by TrueBrit on Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:27 am

An appeal for little Rosario Ros_ng10
When you think you are having a bad day...

We have just launched an appeal for little Rosario, a six year old Ajijic girl who suffered some sort of "incident" during an unexpectedly difficult birth.  Rosario was born blind, unable to move and prone to continuous seizures.  The doctors did not think she would survive more than a year.  

Six years later, Rosario’s condition has improved slightly in that her seizures have been controlled by medication, but she is currently suffering from limb contractures due to lack of movement, and still needs 24 hour care. This is very difficult for her parents who have five other school aged children.

Rosario’s plight came to my attention through a fundraiser put on by the local kids’ soccer team, where her three brothers play. (Anyone who has supported Union Ajijic probably know one of the players, 'Chuki'.  It is his sister)

Among the many tasks her mom Maria, must do to care for Rosario, is to take her to Guadalajara three times a week for physical therapy and medical appointments. She has to take three buses and walk a considerable distance, all the while carrying a limp 6 year old, who cannot even support her head, and all the supplies needed for the day (diapers, pureed food, medical documents, etc.)  For a 9 am appointment in Guadalajara, Maria and Rosario will set off at 6:30 am and get back to the village at about 5 pm.

Our plan is to get a solution for the transportation problem - probably with a specialized, tilting, lightweight, collapsible stroller.  We are going to get her splints and braces that have been recommended to try and help with the limb contractures. We have a dental appointment for her at the end of the month.  And we are going to help out with diapers which are a continual expense for the family.  Her needs are quite specialized, so the equipment is expensive.  But I am sure there are enough generous hearts out there that can help Rosario.

To find out more about Rosario, please visit . There you will be able to learn more and see more photos of Rosario and have an opportunity to make a donation to help out little Rosario.  If you want to get more involved in helping out, I would welcome any help.  I can arrange a visit to meet Rosario and her family.  Zenwoodle will have more info coming up shortly.

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An appeal for little Rosario Empty Re: An appeal for little Rosario

Post by zenwoodle on Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:33 pm

I am working on a couple of things to raise funds to help this family and hope to have more details by the end of this week.
Stay tuned for more info. Beer
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An appeal for little Rosario Empty Re: An appeal for little Rosario

Post by Zedinmexico on Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:29 am

I will help.


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An appeal for little Rosario Empty Re: An appeal for little Rosario

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