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Pepper Spray Bandit back

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Pepper Spray Bandit back Empty Pepper Spray Bandit back

Post by Grizzy on Sun May 10, 2015 6:39 pm

This is a cut and paste from the grand mufti's kingdom. I am sure it will be deleted or locked forthwith.

"Posted Today, 05:03 PM
Just heard today that our friend's daughter in law who is staying their house in West Ajijic was attacked with pepper spray today about noon. The robber broke into the house and when she heard noises and went to investigate, he sprayed pepper spray in her face. She managed to get out of the house with her purse and laptop before going to the neighbour's house in much pain.
The police were called and came promptly but the intruder was gone. Not sure yet what was taken. This man fits the description of the "pepper-spraying bandit" of last summer and the summer before. He is a fairly big man and agile. He wears a ball cap low over his face and looks and dresses like a gringo. Often he has a backpack. This time he was also wearing a bandana over his lower face. He has been described to the police several times. He likes to take silver, money, jewelry and small electronics. I do not know any other details. Just to warn you to lock up carefully and be vigilant. "
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