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Meeting with Ajijic Delegado Hector Espana Ramos

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Meeting with Ajijic Delegado Hector Espana Ramos Empty Meeting with Ajijic Delegado Hector Espana Ramos

Post by JayBear on Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:42 pm

Update from Harry B:

I met with Hector today and discussed a number of issues. Right now, He is very focused on preparing for Easter week traffic, cleanup, security, noise etc. However, I said these items were not going away and I would bring them back to him after Easter:

1. Lot behind Plaza Bouganvillas – we had discussed this before and he remembered it. He made a note.
2. Amutio/Guad Pharm – I advised him that several people have been injured on their sidewalk and the community is becoming seriously angry. He made another note.
3. Playground equipment in front of the old hotel – the community will be doing repairs and painting as Chapala has not responded to his petition for repairs. He expressed his gratitude.
4. Malecon benches - a member of the community has offered to paint them. Ditto above.
5. Handicap parking – Last July I submitted a petition to town councilman representing Ajijic, Carlos Soto, asking that Chapala implement handicap parking in Ajijic. Every time I see him I get manana. If you meet, encounter, know Mr. Soto, I encourage you to ask him about the petition. I informed Hector that the community is becoming more concerned about this issue. I have signs, just need permission to put them up.
6. Revolucion / tianguis safety concerns – I informed Hector that the community is growing more and more concerned about the intersection, the officer not being there at all times of tianguis day and the difficulty getting out onto the carretera safely, at all time. Hector will speak to the new commanders of both Transito and Chapala.
7. Malecon at night – I informed Hector that the community is concerned about goings on at the malecon after dark, usually to 11p.m. I asked for increased patrols by transito and the municipality. BTW the state police are here for the foreseeable future to assist with security.
8. Trashcan replacement – there are some of the plastic pole hung available, but, Hector has had employees out for various reasons and Chapala won’t replace them or send subs. He’s going to try to get them up before Easter.
9. Centro de Salud dental clinic – an oral surgeon is on duty weekends and a general dentist weekdays

Re Riberas, Hector has no authority. However, Riberas is represented by town council members. Riberas residents need to get their attention and push them to act on their behalf, just like at home. If you can't be bothered, they can't be bothered. Unfortunately, that is the way of the world.

I believe that there are 12 delegados representing the various villages and they have an association. They can act as a unit and raise some hell. There are town council members assigned to every village. These are the people who can get things done, if you can get them to. Otherwise they can spend ALL of their time taking care of themselves.

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