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Automatically created links? WTF?

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Automatically created links? WTF? Empty Automatically created links? WTF?

Post by Rosa Venus on Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:46 pm

I was posting in a thread today, the one about the Ayn Rand book that is going to be published even though she deemed it unworthy...which is pretty funny now that I think about it. I'm sure she's thrilled to have lost control of her own work. Anyway, I noticed that a couple of words in my posts had been automatically converted into links. I definitely didn't create the links.

Is that a new feature of this forum and one that we can expect to see more of in the future? Just curious. Me no likey.

EDIT: Never mind. I just went to check after posting this, and while signed into the forum they are NOT links. Then I signed out of the forum, went to look again, and they became active once more. Guess it just depends if you're signed into the forum or not. The mysteries of the universe continue to baffle me.
Rosa Venus
Rosa Venus
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Automatically created links? WTF? Empty Re: Automatically created links? WTF?

Post by CanuckBob on Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:18 pm

Sounds like you may have some advertising malware on your computer.
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