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Post by DaveP on Wed Sep 24, 2014 12:09 pm

One of my favorite golfer jokes:

Guy birdies the first three holes.
Cell phone rings.. its the hospital.
They say his wife has been in a terrible accident and he better get over there.
He says..I never started 3 under...I'm gonna go ahead and play the front 9.
Finishes with a 32.
Says fuck it.
Plays the back 9.
Gets to hospital.
Dr comes out and says..where the fuck you been.
Your wife has been begging for you.
Now she is in a coma and will be forever.
Now you gotta take care of her the rest of her life knowing that you could have spoken to her if you would have just gotten here a little sooner.
Then the doctor says...

I'm just fuckin' with you..she's dead.

Whatcha shoot?
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