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New Solar Hot Water Technology

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New Solar Hot Water Technology Empty New Solar Hot Water Technology

Post by CanuckBob on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:55 am

I am posting this for our friends at STI Solar:

We have a new solar hot water technology now available and being installed @ lakeside and across much of MX.

The SWITCH system (solar water integrated tankless compact heater) is a TANKLESS, on demand type of solar water heater. Very compact and low profile, great for those tiered housing communities, or anywhere where aesthetics / visibility (lack thereof) or space is an issue.

It uses a new phase change technology to heat the water on demand, so rather than storing the hot water, we "store the heat".

Rated at 150 liters of hot water capacity, and only 2.2 m wide (east west) x 80 cm x 11 cm "thick". Has a built-in stand frame and the top is at knee height when installed.

Here's a couple of photos, brochure to follow. The single one shown is installed at El Parque, the owner is very pleased, and another coming up at El Dorado shortly and many more to follow. Will be ideal for Riviera Alta, Vista Alegre, and similar communities.

New Solar Hot Water Technology Sti_sw10

New Solar Hot Water Technology Sti_sw11
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