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Satellite/cell Internet/TV Providers - will compile list

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Satellite/cell Internet/TV Providers - will compile list Empty Satellite/cell Internet/TV Providers - will compile list

Post by merry on Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:12 am

I'm moving to a nearby area where Telmex does not yet provide service, and since soon or manana simply means "not today" it could be a day or several years before they get around to it.

Therefore I am looking for info on ALL local satellite Internet/tv providers available and will compile a list. Heck, I'll also throw in any info on wireless modem info that you want to send my way, you know, the flash modem thingies that plug into a cell phone and make it a wireless hot spot.

Please reply with info on ANY Internet/TV alternatives to Telmex (Shaw, Sky, DirecTV, Iusacell). Please include provider, local rep/outlet name and approx. location, phone and/or email, and something about the cost or plan (i.e. unlimited data for $XXXMP etc.).

I'll try to piece together any missing information so the list is fairly comprehensive.

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