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Plumber Recommendation Empty Plumber Recommendation

Post by Trailrunner on Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:40 am

While off having a couple of eye surgeries, a team of workers were tearing up parts of my kitchen and garage floor looking for the source of a small river that was flowing out of the kitchen wall into the garage. 

They did an excellent job, took them a week total, repaired and or bypassed water and gas pipes and put it all back together and cleaned up. Actually, they swept and tidied up before they left every day. 

They were all San Antonio guys, one uncle and 2 cousins. One of the cousins spoke perfect English, all were friendly and professional. I can very highly recommend them. 

José Antonio Parral is the contractor and lists his specialties as plumbing and electrical. You can reach him at 331 361 6610. He's busy, plan ahead.
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