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Wheelchair needed.

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Wheelchair needed. Empty Wheelchair needed.

Post by Ted Shaw on Thu Jul 28, 2016 9:45 am

Most wheelchairs are heavy and wide, as is my dear mother-in-law's.
Her hip replacement is failing and she has chosen not to undergo the dangerous, major surgery to correct it.
So, she will be spending the rest of her waking life in her wheelchair.
My wife and I would like to improve our parents' quality of life by providing her a lighter-weight, better fitting, more comfortable chair.
My dear father-in-law is devoted to caring for his bride, but he is challenged when it comes to wrestling her big, heavy chair in and out of the trunk of their car. Please private message me if you hear of anyone offering a smaller (more narrow), lighter model. Muchos gracias!
Ted Shaw
Ted Shaw

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