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Dr. Pepe Saved My Kitty

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Dr. Pepe Saved My Kitty Empty Dr. Pepe Saved My Kitty

Post by Trailrunner on Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:46 am

Kitty began showing signs of not feeling well and limited mobility. Upon exam I discovered acute pain and swelling in her back left leg.

Vet contacted, treated for 5 days with minimal change. On the 6th day, she was much worse, hot to the touch, and now vomiting. Took her to Dr. Pepe where she was treated more appropriately and aggressively. She was much better the next morning so she had another dose that afternoon again. Third morning she was normal but received a third dose just to keep her normal. She is back to her usual self, thanks Dr. Pepe, you saved her life!

Dr. Pepe and his staff are currently sheltering and feeding 50 animals. That morning they came to the clinic to find a box in front of the door with 5 small skinny puppies in it. They are thriving and eating now too.

I made a donation to their kibble expense, which is sizeable, if you have any extra pesos you could give Dr. Pepe to buy food for the animals with, it will be met with great appreciation.

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