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iusa cell / AT&T cell

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iusa cell / AT&T cell Empty iusa cell / AT&T cell

Post by juanrey on Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:18 am

Anyone have any positive or negative experiences with iusa cell / AT&T cell?
I notice there is now a iusa cell office in Centro Laguna plaza and a new AT&T facility just as you're entering Chapala on west side.
Based on what I am reading they seem to have some attractive plans for unlimited calling and text between Mx & USA phones.

I know they're in the process of building out the infrastructure and consolidating after the purchase of iusa & nextel, just want to know if anyone is using them and if they are happy or not.


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iusa cell / AT&T cell Empty Re: iusa cell / AT&T cell

Post by JayBear on Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:34 am

We have 2 of their phones--subscribed a couple of months ago. Very nice phones, just don't lose one as you would have to replace it! At the moment heir network is iffy where we are, way out in west Aijic. As I understand it, their transmitters run along the carretera, and Alex (the guy you want to talk to) just told us they are beefing up transmission soon. We like being able to call the US without an extra fee and talk as long as we want. And Alex is very responsive and helpful. You do have to go in once a month to pay, but now that they have opened an office in Centro Laguna, that should be easy. Just don't miss the payment date, as the extra charge is substantial.

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