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Lower Chula Vista Half Way House Spoils Neighborhood

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Lower Chula Vista Half Way House Spoils Neighborhood  Empty Lower Chula Vista Half Way House Spoils Neighborhood

Post by WDBarr on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:15 pm

What appears to be a drug half way house has moved into the compound on the corner of Calle del Fresno in lower Chula Vista and the noise from this place is terrible. In the morning it sounds like a Jihadi training camp with loud chants and cheers starting early in the morning. In the evening, they play very loud rock music, the base turned up so high it rocks all the houses within a block.  On Sundays all the families of the "residents" come for a visit and line the street, blocking driveways.  What was a quiet residential neighborhood has been ruined by this place. Razor wire around the top of the compound has not stopped escapees from making it out. One woman escaped and stood on top of the cochera of the house next door to the compound, tearing up tiles and throwing them at the people on the ground, cursing in perfect English and threatening everyone. I am surprised the HOA has allowed them to operate a business in the midst of all the homes. It will ultimately ruin home values and certainly scare off potential renters.

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