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Epilogue of the "bash-and-crash" woman...

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Epilogue of the "bash-and-crash" woman... Empty Epilogue of the "bash-and-crash" woman...

Post by eñe on Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:44 pm

What happened: A Mexican neighbor woman was driving a new, large, borrowed SUV. We had opened our garage doors to take some planters inside, and she was too impatient to wait a few moments for us to close the doors, so she backed up to go down the other street. She's not good with large vehicles, it seems... in her haste, she managed to bash into our garage doors, warping one of them so that they would not close, and knocked out a turn signal light of the truck belonging to the tamale vendor! Embarrassed, she swore she's "fix everything" then zoomed away...

My clever esposo figured out that if the door could be bent one way by bashing, he could re-align it with gentle pressure, the other way, by pushing the door back into alignment using the bumper of our trusty old Explorer. It worked, the door closes fine now. Kudos to Hubby and ingenuity! I talked to the tamale vendor the next afternoon, he assured me that the "lousy driver" is going to be buying a LOT of tamales from them from now on (apparently she's a regular customer)... HA! His truck is old and battered, and guilt has it's price... good move, señor!

I was P.O.'d when the incident happened, I phoned Spencer to get his input on it... as it turns out the whole thing was really a lot of nothing, nobody got hurt, and the lousy driver neighbor has to fess up to whoever she borrowed the SUV from (it's got a bashed in rear bumper! YIKES, and it's new, too!) but I DO appreciate Spencer's spin on it. Kudos to Spencer! Epilogue of the "bash-and-crash" woman... Lol

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