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Historic Robbery Mexican Banking

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Historic Robbery Mexican Banking Empty Historic Robbery Mexican Banking

Post by espíritu del lago on Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:52 am

[size=32]"In the new world he had just accessed, he came across databases of bank account holders, credit card pins, security numbers, company payrolls, manuals for the cloning of credit and debit cards and social engineering strategies to achieve that people will give their data voluntarily. One of the most common schemes he started using at that time was to send a link via email or text messages to open a Facebook video. It was an exact clone of the home screen of the social network that made people think that they had to restart the session to see the desired content. The victims entered their username and password and when they hit 'enter', the page restarted, the clone disappeared with the access information and people could enter the real Facebook site. Antonio already had everything he needed to see his profile.[/size]
[size=32]Another way to cheat was through a 'gif', those microvideos so popular in social networks that circulate in millions every day. Antonio uploaded several of them to the network, which when clicked on, activated a program that recorded everything that people typed on their phones for several days. This was especially in fortnights, when people perform banking operations from their phones and thus obtained user names, card numbers, passwords, security digits and other data that people normally keep with suspicion."[/size]

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