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Canadians. Get your NR4 OAS and CPP slips online.

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Canadians. Get your NR4 OAS and CPP slips online. Empty Canadians. Get your NR4 OAS and CPP slips online.

Post by DaveP on Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:57 am

As many Canadians know you cannot get NR4 tax slips from the Canada Revenue Agency. This has been a major problem in getting NR4 slips for Old Age Security and Canada Pension. Many people thought that when they changed their address with the CRA that this changed their address for Service Canada. It doesn’t. Also, you must tell Service Canada to change your address for both CPP and OAS or they will change only one. That may account for so many missing OAS slips every year.

The mail service here in Mexico does not improve matters although those with a Laredo forwarding address have been getting their slips promptly this year.

If you have CRA “My Account” there is a new feature.

At the bottom left of your login page there is a new link that transfers you to the Service Canada site and there you can get your NR4 slips for OAS and CPP. No need to wait for the “mail”.

Unfortunately, Authorized Representatives cannot yet use this feature to get your slips for you. Hopefully that will come soon. At present, you must have your own CRA “My Account” to access this feature.

I should add that this feature does not require you to have a Service Canada "My Service Canada Account". The link works entirely through your CRA "My Account"
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