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Thank you Polo

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Thank you Polo Empty Thank you Polo

Post by shana on Sun May 03, 2015 9:46 pm

I have had deteriorating hearing for many years. About 10 or 11 years ago I realized that I could not wait any longer I needed to be fitted for hearing aids.

I went to Polo who comes to LCS every Monday plus two Saturdays each month. He fitted me with the best available technology for my deficit after testing and molds made.

They kept blowing batteries prematurely so without any discussion he took them back and gave me new hearing aids even though time had passed.

As my hearing deficit increased and technology advanced I would periodically make a change of equipment.

At one point I found a new technology elsewhere that was at the forefront of a better quality of sound and was not yet available in standard hearing aids. I bought them and was pleased with the difference but due to the fact that they were not programmable I quickly outgrew them. By then Polo had the technology and worked with me to get the right combination that would enhance my ability to hear even when in a crowd. He even changed the hearing aids for another pair that could do more after I had worn the ones I had for a few months.

Most times he can make adjustments and repairs in the same day with no trips to Guadalajara and long waits to have them returned.

I appreciate his care and patience working with me and his readiness to make changes until I am totally satisfied.

I can hear the birds singing again.

Thank you Polo

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