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Post by Chapalamed on Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:18 pm

I thought it was valuable info.

FROM TOB (Copied and pasted) -

A local person's experience

On 16 Oct, Jalisco launched an event for Seniors (Adultos Mayores) who live in Jalisco but not in Guadalajara. It occurs every Thursday from 9AM to 2PM at Plaza de Toros in Guadalajara. If you are looking for an easy way to sign up for INAPAM, Seguro Popular, and other services, all in one place, then this event is for you! I went last week and within an hour I had an INAPAM card and was enrolled in Seguro Popular. All the services are at stations under a large white tent in the Plaza that you can't miss. You are greeted by friendly and helpful persons. In front of each station are folding chairs. You simply take a seat and everyone is served in order. There is no standing, no cutting in line, etc. It's all very civilized. At the Seguro Popular station there is also a medical van. After you are enrolled you go in and a doctor takes your vitals and pricks your finger for blood for a diabetes test. The results are instantaneous. Having this van is very convenient as it saves you a trip to have this done later.

For INAPAM you will need: your original visa and a copy; an original telephone or electric bill showing your address (it doesn't have to be in your name) and a copy; 2 infantil-size photos (both front view); and, your original birth certificate and a copy. For Seguro Popular you will need to provide all the above, plus a copy of your CURP. I arrived at 8:45 and went first to INAPAM. I sat in the second chair and was thus #2 in line to be served. A staff person handed out a simple form (bring a pen). When it was my turn I sat in the chair in front of the station, they checked my documents, entered the data, and printed out the card right there and then. There was no shortage of cards. There was a stack 10cm high on the desk. After I got my card I went over to the Seguro Popular station and took the next chair in line. There were five persons ahead of me.

This was a great experience. No bad attitudes, little waiting, and everyone was very helpful and pleasant. I had never been in that part of the city before. I took a taxi from my novia's house in Zapopan. If you don't speak Spanish well, bring someone with you who does. Other services include flu shots, psychiatric assessments, financial aid, help for people being maltreated, legal defense, enrollment in education services, and more. This is a chance to get a lot done in one place at the same time. Afterwards, you can wander over to the futbol stadium and the bull ring if so interested. Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso is between Montes Pirineos, Monte Carmelo and Mitla. For more info you can call 3030-3000.
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