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Towering Splat

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Towering Splat Empty Towering Splat

Post by DaveP on Sat Sep 27, 2014 1:19 pm

Similar to the movie TOWERING INFERNO, a Catholic priest, a Baptist minister and a Jewish rabbi find themselves on the roof of a burning skyscraper. They have just about given up all hope of survival when an angel flutters down from the heavens and tells them, "If you put your faith in the Lord, you will survive". The Catholic priest hollers out, "I put my faith in the Lord!" and jumps off the building. He is falling at over 100mph towards the payment when at about the second floor, he slows right down, lands on his feet and walks away. The Baptist minister, seeing this, hollers out, "I put my faith in the Lord" and jumps off the building. At the second floor he slows down, lands on his feet and walks away from the burning building. The Jewish rabbi hollers out, "I put my faith in the Lord" and jumps. He hits the payment at over 100mph and is killed instantly. He meets St Peter at the pearly gates and St Peter asks him, "What are you doing here now? It's not your time". The Rabbi in anger replies,
"What am I doing here. That angel of your's tricked me into jumping off the building" and proceeds to tell St Peter all about how the Catholic priest and Baptist minister survived and he didn't. St Peter, confounded by these happenings, asks, "One of my angel? Which one?" The Rabbi replies he doesn't know exactly who the angel was. St Peter says they need to get to the bottom of this and calls for a line-up of all the angels in heaven. There is a long line of angels facing them, they start on the left side and walk down the line looking closely at each angel. Finally, they get 2/3rds of the way down the line-up when the Rabbi spots a particular angel. "That's him!", cries out the Rabbi. "Are you sure?", asks St Peter. "Yes, that's him!", replies the Rabbi. St Peter gets eye to eye with this angel and says to him, "Adolph! Ya gotta quit fucking with the Jews!"
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