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Shearling Coats in Mexico

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Shearling Coats in Mexico Empty Shearling Coats in Mexico

Post by CheenaGringo on Thu Feb 20, 2014 11:05 pm

A while back, I brought up the subject of getting a Shearling/Sheepskin Coat in Mexico.  About a week ago when cruising the Mercado Libertad/San Juan de Dios, I spotted numerous shearling or sheepskin coats but the weight and quality was lacking.  I have provided the following example to Leo's Piel in Tlaquepaque:
Shearling Coats in Mexico <a href=Shearling Coats in Mexico Steve-11" />
The plan is for this coat is to be made in custom sizing this fall when sheepskins are available again.  While we haven't received a final quote, the estimate is between $3300 and $3600MXN.

While I fully realize that Mexico residents have zero use for such a product, you may have friends or family from the "north" who might find such a product to be of benefit?  Since I have been shopping such a product for some time, I do know that the prices should be quite attractive!

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